Monday, 5 August 2013

Nike Air Max 1 Black and Red Gold Leopard trainers

Nike Air Max 1 Black Gold Leopard trainers

*groooaaaan* Okay, this is a touchy subject. Ages ago these Nike Air Maxs' came out. Maybe like, nine months ago? It's really odd, I remember where I was when I first set my eyes on them. - I'm being sarcastic here, or maybe I'm just being creepy? Who knoooows...

I was in Worcester visiting my lovely Grammies and Grandad, we had popped into town, I'm pretty sure I was with my sister Nicole too. She bought a pair of boots from Office and I walked out stupidly not buying these. They caught my eye and then I forgot about them. Then I got the "damn I wish I'd bought those!" dread, in a really bad a month after, when every where I looked I saw people wearing them, but they were sold out everywhere. I've actually been looking for a pair just as awesome since. I settled for some really nice Nike FreeRuns - the black and white pair with the gradient sole. I've had them maybe three weeks? And look what's happened now...these have come back out, HAVEN'T THEY. FFS. Did I buy them to match the rest of Shoreditch? Yeah, 'corse I did. 

Chloe x

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