Sunday, 3 May 2015

On my mind...

Just thought I'd chat about a new print I am a little bit excited about. New in my shop is that "Life is beautiful, dress accordingly." real gold foil print. I've been wanting to create a small range of gold foil prints for ages, and I finally made it happen. To be honest, the hardest part was finding a printer that creates gold foiling! (I detest the DIY gold foiling a lot of people are doing, it looks cheap - sorry!) I'm still not 100% settled on the company I've used, so they're will be a little delay on the release of my other gold foil designs, but isn't that saying just perfect!? I can't wait to have it hanging on the wall in my new bedroom.

I am currently trying really, really hard not to buy pretty, unnecessary things at the moment, as I'm in the throws of buying a house and all spare munnies must be put into that. How very grown up. It's very testing! Having said that, I think I'll treat myself to one of these gold foil prints by Congostudio, once the house is complete - we have a long way to go, but I'm pretty sure my walls need one of these. Yep.

Another on-going hunt I have been on - has finally been solved. I've been wanting to find an affordable brand that does quirky, laying rings (I can't afford/bring myself to buy Catbird - cry.) The other day I came across - problem solved! I'm SO getting some. Pretty hand jewels here I come.

I also need to update my iPhone case and find the perfect leather tote, found a few nice looking options there. 

Chloe x

Monday, 15 September 2014

The Perfect Leather Jacket

Finding the perfect real leather jacket IS HARD. Life has never been the same since I (very reluctantly) had to throw away my six year old pleather jacket I bought whilst living in New Zealand - one that I could never better over that period of time, but had to get rid of, as it was falling apart...and not in a cool way!

That was a sad, sad time. I've been on the hunt for over a year now for the perfect replacement, but this time I want the real stuff. Above, are my favourite picks for a real leather jacket that will hopefully see me through a few winters. I bought a pleather one last year, hated it after a few weeks (and then conveniently lost it), so I must get it right this time.

In an ideal word an Acne Leather Jacket would be mine. That is never going to happen - can you imagine if you actually owned one and lost it!?? *shudder*
I am leaning towards a fitted/shrunken fit style, I just prefer this style, although I have seen a lot of boxy/Acne style ones around at the moment - these do look great on a small frame, but my boobs are too big for the boxy ones. I tried this Zara one on, shown above with the silver hear ware. It was nice, but a tad too Sandy from Greece for me. I've now had enough of looking and thinking about it, so I've finally parted with my cash and have gone with this Topshop Boutique one. If it looks crap, I will actually cry. I pick it up tomorrow, and as you can tell from this lengthly essay - I have high hopes.
Doma are also a very cool brand when it comes to real lather jackets, they are super sturdy and heavy duty, but the fit is still very flattering. I used to work at a designer boutique in Chelsea that sold them, I can certainly say that if you have a spare £600 odd pounds, they would be the one to get.

This is a lot of leather jacket related chat. But it is an important wardrobe staple issue that needs addressing!

I've just realised All Saints is a good option too, but I feel like they just tend to bring out the same ones each year? Where else is good to go for leather jackets, any thoughts?

Chloe x
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Monday, 1 September 2014

Summertime Sadness

12 milan paris new york print chloe faux print chloe faux design black and white home

Milan Paris New York City print

I can't believe it's now September. Summer has well and truly passed me by. Felt like posting some much needed prettiness here, to cheer me up.

Chloe x
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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

note to self - festival favs

Festival season is well and truly upon us! Wheeeey. I'm off to Lovebox, thanks to my ever so wonderful bestie, in three weeks time. Lovebox for me, is the perfect festival - because there is no camping required. I'm not a massive camping fan - well, I like it, but I don't like it if I am required to look festival ready. Camping to me, means: roll out of tent, and embrace the non showered, no make-up, unkempt look. This is not the look one goes for when attending a music fest.

Anyway! Lovebox is a two day-er, in East London, which means plenty of time to get ready. I love working out my outfits for this kind of thing - I love a bit of festival crazy. Or any given chance to look a bit peculiar.
I've been scouring Etsy for some gems, as I am trying to avoid the highstreet shops as much as possible, in order to not look like a clone. Having said that, I've seen a really awesome feather gilet from Topshop I really want, but I know for a fact at least 82 other people will be wearing this at Lovebox, ha. Damn you Topshop!
I've ordered an awesome statement necklace from the USA off of Etsy, pretty excited about that, will post a picture when it arrives.
I'm thinking I might make a real flower headpiece, but I feel this look is a bit overdone these days? I've also been searching high and low for the perfect two piece, they're perfect for festivals. I haven't found the right one for me (I am a 5ft 11" giant) so might have to go with a playsuit - I'm loving these this summer! As for make-up, aren't these eye-looks beautiful! Why can't every day be a festival!?

So exciting :)

Chloe x

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Thursday, 24 April 2014

note to self: home details

scandinavian home black and white home monochrome home inspiring home styling
What is with all black and white everything? The Scandinavians do this look so well and I want to too. It's just timeless and classic, and you can apply this absence of colour to your wardrobe too.

gold cutlery gold knives and forks gold silverware
I need these in my life. Until I actually came across gold "silver" wear it hadn't actually crossed my mind that pretty much all eating utensils in the world are silver in colour. How awesome is this gold set? A necessary quirk needed in every kitchen, I must have! I can't find exactly where this particular range is from, but I've fround similar versions by Anthropologie, Cutipol and Bibe Odette.

silver dipped light fitting
I am lucky in that my lovely other half is a very skilled Electrician. Because of this I am currently dreaming up all sorts of extravagant and peculiar lighting arrangements, which he'll very kindly put in to working order for me. Lighting can be dull (ha ha - good one) so why not hunt down some crazy bulbs and be a bit wacky with it? I love this silver dipped one shown above, but I love these Crystal Cut Glass Bulbs by Lee Broom even more. £100 for one bulb is a tad excessive and said Lovely Eliectrician may refuse to have anything to do with them...

succulents home styling home inspo
Ah yes, this beloved little bandwagon. Last year I bought some beautiful little cactus and succulents from a man at Newbury Show. He didn't understand my enthusiasm, but was very passionate about his little gems and was happy to see they were going to a good home. Having said that, I attempted to re-pot a few and they promptly died. How rude. 

What home details are you currently loving?

Chloe x

Thursday, 20 March 2014

shopping for gold.

I've had an eye out recently for pretty bits of fine gold jewelry. I'm away for a month early next year in Thailand and Cambodia and I'm thinking layered gold jewls + tanned skin + baggy tank tops! I'm hating on winter now and keep on day dreaming about mine and my boyfriends trip (a pressie from me to him as it's his 30th next year).

I don't want to spend loads on these bits, as knowing me, I'll either lose or break them whilst I'm away. So I had a look on ASOS, to see if they were doing any cute gold/silver plated bits, and they are - so here are my favourite pieces!

Made Kebiru Triangle Pendant Necklace
Dogeared Exclusive Lucky Necklace
ASOS Gold Plated Anchor Ring
ASOS Gold Plated Heart Locket Necklace
Dogeared Faith Ring
ASOS Gold Plated Fine Bangle Bracelet
Dogeared "a" Necklace

Chloe x

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Saturday, 8 March 2014

day vs. night

Something that has been on my "to buy list" for a very long time, is the perfect pair of skinny leather jeans. Current Elliott and J Brand do the said perfect ones, but sadly I haven't built up the courage to buy, it quite a big commitment.
But one day, they shall be mine. Until that day comes I shall just pretend I own a pair and dress them up and dress them down like so. (*major swoon!*...crushing on all these things so bad!)

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11

Chloe x

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Friday, 28 February 2014

etsy store friday - current crushes...

Don't worry, I'm not going crazy. It is Monday today, I was just too busy on Friday to get my usual "Etsy Store Friday" post out. This week is more of a general selection of favourite picks, as apposed to a single store feature. I find these easier to do, I guess. I think it's because I just love a good window shop! I am really liking Etsy's new Trending Items section on their homepage, I was lucky enough to have one of my prints feature on that particular bit of the site recently, so that was jolly nice.

Anyway, here are this week favourite finds...

one // two // three // four // five // six

Chloe x

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