Monday, 15 September 2014

The Perfect Leather Jacket

Finding the perfect real leather jacket IS HARD. Life has never been the same since I (very reluctantly) had to throw away my six year old pleather jacket I bought whilst living in New Zealand - one that I could never better over that period of time, but had to get rid of, as it was falling apart...and not in a cool way!

That was a sad, sad time. I've been on the hunt for over a year now for the perfect replacement, but this time I want the real stuff. Above, are my favourite picks for a real leather jacket that will hopefully see me through a few winters. I bought a pleather one last year, hated it after a few weeks (and then conveniently lost it), so I must get it right this time.

In an ideal word an Acne Leather Jacket would be mine. That is never going to happen - can you imagine if you actually owned one and lost it!?? *shudder*
I am leaning towards a fitted/shrunken fit style, I just prefer this style, although I have seen a lot of boxy/Acne style ones around at the moment - these do look great on a small frame, but my boobs are too big for the boxy ones. I tried this Zara one on, shown above with the silver hear ware. It was nice, but a tad too Sandy from Greece for me. I've now had enough of looking and thinking about it, so I've finally parted with my cash and have gone with this Topshop Boutique one. If it looks crap, I will actually cry. I pick it up tomorrow, and as you can tell from this lengthly essay - I have high hopes.
Doma are also a very cool brand when it comes to real lather jackets, they are super sturdy and heavy duty, but the fit is still very flattering. I used to work at a designer boutique in Chelsea that sold them, I can certainly say that if you have a spare £600 odd pounds, they would be the one to get.

This is a lot of leather jacket related chat. But it is an important wardrobe staple issue that needs addressing!

I've just realised All Saints is a good option too, but I feel like they just tend to bring out the same ones each year? Where else is good to go for leather jackets, any thoughts?

Chloe x
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  1. The jackets are looking so amazing and beautiful and she looks very pretty in black leather jacket , all designs are unique .