Thursday, 24 April 2014

note to self: home details

scandinavian home black and white home monochrome home inspiring home styling
What is with all black and white everything? The Scandinavians do this look so well and I want to too. It's just timeless and classic, and you can apply this absence of colour to your wardrobe too.

gold cutlery gold knives and forks gold silverware
I need these in my life. Until I actually came across gold "silver" wear it hadn't actually crossed my mind that pretty much all eating utensils in the world are silver in colour. How awesome is this gold set? A necessary quirk needed in every kitchen, I must have! I can't find exactly where this particular range is from, but I've fround similar versions by Anthropologie, Cutipol and Bibe Odette.

silver dipped light fitting
I am lucky in that my lovely other half is a very skilled Electrician. Because of this I am currently dreaming up all sorts of extravagant and peculiar lighting arrangements, which he'll very kindly put in to working order for me. Lighting can be dull (ha ha - good one) so why not hunt down some crazy bulbs and be a bit wacky with it? I love this silver dipped one shown above, but I love these Crystal Cut Glass Bulbs by Lee Broom even more. £100 for one bulb is a tad excessive and said Lovely Eliectrician may refuse to have anything to do with them...

succulents home styling home inspo
Ah yes, this beloved little bandwagon. Last year I bought some beautiful little cactus and succulents from a man at Newbury Show. He didn't understand my enthusiasm, but was very passionate about his little gems and was happy to see they were going to a good home. Having said that, I attempted to re-pot a few and they promptly died. How rude. 

What home details are you currently loving?

Chloe x


  1. WOOOOOOOO!!! I am loving this post! and wishing NM was an electrician ;) really digging the whole black and white thing and also the succulents. I have been getting pretty into gardening this year :) X

    1. yay bean! so glad you like! yeah, gardening is so nice :) especially when you manage to keep things alive! hehe xx