Friday, 2 August 2013

Etsy Store Friday! - Inhauspress Letterpress Shop

At the end of every week I shall be posting about a favourite Etsy shop, mainly because I'm always coming across ones I love and this way I get to put my little mental note in a safe place to revisit.
I'm struggling today in general, as I keep on thinking it's Saturday, in a big way. I feel slightly off kilter. I think it's because my BF didn't go to work this morning, as we have a wedding to go to later. The dog is also super confused. I find it amazing how animals learn their humans routine and relish in that reliability - especially dogs.

Anyway, I digress! Moving on to the job in hand, these little paper based delights. I think I came across this particular Etsy shop, Inhauspress Letterpress a few weeks ago whilst I was doing a work related blog post. My boss is always going out for coffee meetings, so I thought these "coffee date" cards were made for him. I could totally do with owning a bunch too. Going out for coffee is almost as fun for me, as going out for a cocktail(s), the sad thing is, is that pretty much all my friends enjoy cocktails much more than they do coffee, so I would probably need "cocktail cards" more than these coffee ones. Note to self - find some more coffee drinking friends.

What draws me to Treasa's paper based goods is their simplicity and the effectiveness of strong, pared down typography. I adore that sh*t. And I'm pretty sure she's utilized a mix of my absolute favourite typefaces too...gosh I need to get these! Just love 'em.

Chloe x

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