Monday, 25 March 2013

a bit of this and that.

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1. I forget how much this lens rocks, every now and again I pop it one, and love it all over again. Available here. In pic, is my new knit from Topshop and an ombre style chunky chain from Asos.

2. Alice babe and her new Goodhood tote. Nice graphics :)

3. Spring is suposedly here. We've got the snowdrops, but also the snow still too. Go away now.

4. I went to a really impromptu fine art show my cousin and few others put on. It was in this run down pub in Hackney, seven of the fine arties live these too, awesome.

5. A new print this month, loved making big, inky letters! Available here.

6. Here's my hottie taking me out for the most awesome meal ever. We shared ch√Ęteaubriant steak (incredible!) and a really beautiful bottle of red. What a lucky girl!

7. And then after all that, we filled our faces with massive puddy cocktails. And then danced with my sis and her friends til 3am. hah.

8. A delightful teapot of homemade (actually, we made it at work) of Screwdriver! (Vods and orange.)

9. A hottie Handy Andy Man put up my new shelves for them!

10. We were starving. We ate all the cheese. ♥

11. My sister, Nicole, being a delightful lady. Here she is enjoying her amazing cocktail at Underdog - the secret bar under BrewDog in Shoreditch.

12. Kitty feet. Because, well...why not.

Chloe x

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