Tuesday, 26 March 2013

urban outfitters holographic nail varnish

UO holographic nail varnish - £12

ERM. Happy days! I've found something to substitute my Chanel Holographic nail varnish craving. Couldn't get hold of that if I tried. That was limited edition and is long gone. Urban Outfitters have done me proud and sorted out a high street version. Nicely done guys, nicely done.

The hand image above is my hand and how the UO version came out for me. Here's what I think -

Paintability - 4/5
I decided to paint a base coat of white, I'm not sure why I decided to do this, but I did. I think I felt it was going to give it more of an opaque base? I'm pretty sure it did just that. So I did two coats of white, two coats of the holographic and a coat of clear, speed dry polish. The holographic polish paints on nicely, but does need two coats - in order for it to be nice and vivid.

Value for money - 3/5
I thought £12 was a bit steep for this. £10 would have been fine.

Durability - 5/5
I was really rather impressed with the durability of this polish, it didn't chip for ages! I feel it did last a bit longer than other plainer varnishes.

Likeability - 4/5
Okay so this is kinda an important point to mention. The image above of my hand, was a photo taken in artificial light (no flash). In artificial light, this polish is at it's best, it's a visual treat, so shiny and super colourful. Sadly the same can't be said for it in natural light, but I think that's down to the general nature of the holographic-ness/thang. People really loved the photo above, but it got slightly less love in real life, due to it's subtle tendencies in daylight.

So yeah, I'd say go get it. It's a fun time in a bottle.

(top + hand image/collage - my own)

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