Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A little bit of Sweden

So I was a lucky girl, and was whisked away (yes.) to Stockholm for a long weekend for Valentine's day aww. Stockholm has always been on my wish list, so I was pretty excited about it all - what a lovely treat! Something that made the little trip even more cool was that one of Andrew's best friend lives out there, so we had our own personal tour guide - which made our little break super awesome, he was the best! Not only helarious, but he took us to some really fantastic places. On out first evening there, Rodders (tour guide) took us to what seemed like, at first, a strange restaurant, that didn't seem open? We were walking through it, thinking hmm, what's this all about? We then were taken downstairs, into these beautiful erm, let's go cave-like tunnels and rooms. Cuz they were sexy. It was this amazing restaurant/bar - Monks Porter House. This place is a must. For starters this place has 45 beers on tap. The food is out of this world - and I'm not a beer and ale girl, but by the end of this meal, I so was. We must have tried about 20 different beers and ales, this was quite an experience! The guy who looked after us was also such a dude. This definitely classed as one of my best food & drink experiences.

We then went for a cocktail in a tall, high up building - sorry for the no name ignorance. We all picked each other a cocktail, poor Andy lost out there - his was not fresh. At this point we're struggling to move - due to being so full of food and drink. We then popped into another bar, just before doing so Rodders explained to us that bouncers have the right to refuse entry if they suspect you've had more than three drinks (WHAT!?) - we were on like drink erm ten, at least! So when we rocked up to the next place, the bouncer stopped me, I was like uh oh, he's going to ask me how many drinks I've had. He asked how old I was, I didn't quite hear though, but luckily didn't reply with "Three?" ha. I laughed awkwardly and said I was 26. I just get freaked when I get asked this when drinking, as I've been drinking in bars for 12 years now.

Anyway, more drinks later - by this point we're doubling up, mixers and shots. If you know Sweden you'll know that this is not a cheap exercise. But we were having the best time, so lets not let £70 rounds bother us! Rodders lady friend came to join us, and she took us to this cool underground bar club thang. On our way there, we had a quick ice skate. When I say ice skate, I mean - I lie down on my back and Rodders and Andy drag me across the ice with my legs in the air. When in Rome.

This next place was cool. Felt very East London, Dulston-like. The walls were covered in white station titles and then the ceilings were covered in graffiti. I think Rodders likened it to a large public toilet. I'm not sure they sell alcoholic slushy cocktails for £9 each in public toilets, but they should. We bought all the flavours and then passed them around - like small children. And then topped them up with champagne - like grown-ups.
We then had a bit of a boogie. Andy and I could barely move at this point, we were SO. FULL. At around 2am we decided it was time we couldn't ingest any thing more and took our fatty selves back to our hotel room. BEST NIGHT EVER.
The rest of our trip consisted or more beer, ale, sexy food, snow, sites and so much high quality Swedish fun. Thank you Mr Morely, you rock.

Chloe x

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