Friday, 30 August 2013

little bits of Falmouth...

So, my long weekend away, was pretty lovely. I studied design at Falmouth College of Arts five years ago now and hadn't made it down there for a visit for two. This last visit, has been my best since leaving Uni. I think I will always feel a special kind of fondness towards this place, I have so many memories dotted around everywhere. I had an amazing four years studying there, but was so ready to leave once I had finished me degree. 

Having done a stint the other side of the world, when living in in New Zealand for two years, and then a world trip with my sister last year and then three years in London, I can still honestly say, there is no where quite like Falmouth. It is small, but full of gems and a lot more indee shops than your average, bog standard high-street. People are lovely, you have the sea on your doorstep and there are a whole bunch of cool new places that have popped up since I was last there. I loved showing my bf around, we hired a boat too. That was really awesome. We also ate really well - as you can see! (a bit too much probably)...lobster, muscles, steak, proper Cornish pasties, full breakies, lots of coffee and sweeties (for the car journey!). I'm pretty sure I put on half a stone in five days. *high five!*

Chloe x

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