Sunday, 15 September 2013

this week I am loving...

This weeks crushes are as gorgeous as ever. Sometimes I feel I need to ban myself from the internet/shops, as it really does bleed me dry - too many nice things ev.ery.wherrre.

I was in & Other Stories on Regent Street the other day and feel in love with their beauty section. I think it was the packaging, I'm a sucker for it. I'm also shocked at how long it took me to get my arse there, seeing as one of my really good friends is head VM for the store. I spent a good half an hour in there, taking it all in - there's just so much to look at!
I left with their Vanilla Soda Hand Cream, their Frozen Verbena Body Lotion and a few other treats for my sister and my boyfriend. I refrained from buying that La:Bruket Body Lotion - it was touch and go, let's just put it like that. I think if it was a glass bottle (majorly impractical, but sooo good) I would have snapped it up in a heartbeat. Damn you well packaged goods, damn you!

I'm really liking this new foody website, Food&_ — a UK based culinary resource and online food journal. It's a beautifully put together, the photography is to die for. I'm really into cooking these days, since I live with someone who seriously appreciates it and he is just as good. We have little culinary battles, which is bloody marvelous fun.

Yes that crop top! I know! It's by Thief & Bandit. Awesome isn't it. I mean, get a load of that sexy abstract print. A sure fire festival hit. (Let's ignore the fact that festival season is pretty much over...*cry*.)

Like many graphic designers, I enjoy a spot of gold foiling. Especially awesomeness + gold foil. These "you're cute" cards are a pretty necessary accessory for every day life. I know a bunch of cute people. They'd be gone in ten seconds flat. Money well spent.

This chunky gold Mini Cuff ring is a bit great. Shiny and statement, and big. Rings for me either have to be massive or really tiny and fine. This was also from & Other Stories, it was my favourite one there.

So yeah, everything about that planty/moodboard image rings my bells. Mainly the plant life...loving those unusual pots too. I was meant to go to Columbia Rd Flower Market last Sunday, but failed as was hungover. Fail. Going out for a massive fry up became more of a priority. Soz plants.

I've been working on some more bold, painterly iPhone cases. I'm enjoying lines at the moment. All kinds. However they come. Love 'em. You can get this Watercolour Blurry Lines iPhone case here.

Happy weekend everyone!

Chloe x

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