Thursday, 15 August 2013

spotted! - one of prints hanging out somewhere seriously awesome...

CURRENTLY PINCHING MYSELF. of my lovely best friends, Lizzy - just spotted my "Eat Well Travel Often" print in a très famous designers home. Mental! Jessica Walsh to be precise; mega lush graphic design extraordinaire.

To be honest, Lizzy is amazing, she is always spotting cool things that I completely miss, she's just brilliant! Everyone needs a Lizzy in their life. She emailed me straight away telling me she's seen a print of mine sitting in a frame, in a famous designers home (via a blog doing a Show&Tell type feature) and I was like, "Sorry, what??" I couldn't believe it, so I checked back on my orders, and there it was, an order from Jessie herself, back in December.

What a major compliment, having a big name, super talented New York graphic designer buy one of your prints. This has made my day/week/month/life big time.

You can see the rest of her stunning apartment over on Design Sponge. She has impeccable taste, so eclectic. There's lots of wonderful things to look at and I love that many of said things are heavily influenced by her love for design. What an inspiring apartment and great taste. I hope to have a place just as lovely one day.

Chloe x

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  1. Hey Chloe - Just stumbled upon your blog (and have been paging through for a solid 20 minutes now). Love your style, and keep up the good work! (And big congrats on your print feature in Jessica Walsh's place - amazing!)

    1. hey Anna!

      thanks for your super lovely message! I'm so glad you like my blog, that's really nice to hear.

      Love your blog too, shall give you a follow for sure :) x

  2. THIS IS SUPER COOL! Well done!! <3