Wednesday, 14 August 2013

it's here...the tropical leaf print iphone case

tropical leaf iphone case

Okay so. I've been ranting about these darn iPhone cases a bit too much recently, and I realise it's getting dull. I'm pretty sure my friends and instagram followers are seriously considering their UNFOLLOW CHLOE RIGHT NOW button. Anyway, the iPhone cases I designed a month or so ago have arrived. Like, they're for reals. I understand this is mainly only exciting for me. Soz guys haha.

I think it's the whole anticapation thang. I had these designs in my head for a while, the designs then got brain farted out, I then uploaded them onto Society6 and then decided to order a batch. I have a very lovely bunch of friends who wanted in on them - which is just lovely. Feeling the love guys, feeling the love.
So, this tropical leaf print was one of my favourites, I was most excited about seeing this design in the flesh and it actually made the most striking iPhone case. (If I do say so myself.)
It's a vectorised version of a vintage section of wallpaper, it just feels so...erm.."now". Ergh, not sure I like that thought 100%, but I would say I am sometimes a sucker for trends. The darlings that didn't own an iPhone ordered the cushion version - cute huh? They haven't arrived just yet, but hopefully they're just as cool.

Anyhoo, you can get this tropical leaf print iPhone case here. If you don't, well I'll just come on round and force it on you. I'm good at that. ha

Chloe x

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