Saturday, 27 July 2013

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1.   I'm really enjoying my new herb garden I planted recently, there is something so nice about having all these gorgeous, fresh herb at your fingertips!
2.   My Auntie bought me this gorgeous tropical leaf print swimsuit from M&S (believe it or not!), I wore it in Croatia with some high-waisted shorts. I think they now do a bikini version!
3.   I think I was having a bad day when I came up with this print. ha
4.   Andy (my boy) took me to the races one sunning evening the other week, we're having some awesome weather in the UK at the moment!
5.   Big, epic gins in the pub down the road from me.
6.   My darling friend Alice making friends with my old housemates stuffed animal. 
7.   Treated myself to a pretty orchid, mainly because the patterns on the petals were so lovely! I went mini cactus hunting yesterday, that didn't go quite as well. 
8.   I too, along with the rest of the world jumped on the Topshop "Mom jeans" bandwagon, they are great though! 
9.   I am a massive coffee fan, grabbed this lovely one along Broadway Market before work the other week. 
10.   Andy and Mabel getting some iPaddin' done. 
11.   We were dog and cat sitting the other week, and this was a photo of Lilly (sweet, little cat)  tolerating Archie - one of the biggest dogs I know!
12.   On a drive through London recently, we spotted this treat of a building...somewhere near King's Cross I think...
13.   Andy having a little pose with some awesome street art in Hackney.
14.   I've moved recently and now live in an annex to a larger house, which means I have a pool! This is us being hungover (well in the pic it's Andy and Lisa my bff and Rudy the dog) all having a good float. 
15.   Andy on his track day! (Power Ranger much!?)

(sorry this is quite a long post, I thought I could put a "read more" button in, but I couldn't haha.) 

Chloe x

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