Wednesday, 6 March 2013

How to fix a smashed iphone

how to fix a smashed iphone

It's a sad sight isn't it? So yes, the inevitable has happened. So, now what? How do you fix a smashed iphone? There are a few options...

Option 1. Do it yourself.

If you are feeling brave, this is very do-able. But be aware that if something goes wrong, you won't be covered by warranty or insurance. You can buy these kits off Amazon for around £6. You will receive a new panel and all the tools you need to remove your old broken glass, and fix your new back.
Here's a Youtube video example on how to remove the broken back and fit a new one.
(p.s. I am not responsible for any loss or damage that may occur when fixing your own iphone glass, this is implemented at your own risk. I'm just highlighting the various options that are available.)

Option 2. Go to an Apple Store.

Okay so, the reason I'm writing a post about this, is because no one actually told me you have to make an appointment at an Apple Store for like, four days in advance. I went in without one...and yup, got turned away.
Here's what you do:
1. Go to - this link here will take you to a Genius Bar reservation page. (Please note, this won't work if you're outside of the UK, but it is very likely you'll be able to receive the same service in your country.) My nearest Apple Store is London Regent's Street.
2. Make your reservation and fill out the various options.
3. A window similar to what's shown tomorrow will come up. This means you're all booked in...
- having someone from the Genius Bar fix your screen or back glass will cost £25

how to fix a smashed iphone

Option 3. Cover it up, and pretend it's not there. 

I did this for a while, but I just got this niggling feeling. My brain new it was there and told me to go fix it. But while we're on the theme of pretty new iphone cases, here are a few awesome ones I've been drooling over in recent weeks...

how to fix a smashed iphone

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