Thursday, 5 August 2010


The three images bellow are from the sexy blog: The Streethearts. freakin' sweetaz name or what!? epic logo too…

The Streethearts is a fashion web site aiming at showing what ordinary, well-dressed people wear in their everyday lives. We show you people who bear their clothes and dress themselves with pride. We want to stimulate you to personalize your style and find new ways to put together your outfits. We believe that inspiration can be found everywhere and at all times, and not only on the catwalks around the world.

Most of our Streethearts are found in Oslo, since that is where we live. However, whenever out travelling, we always bring our cameras, so you may occasionally find photos from elsewhere.

The Streethearts are photographers Andreas Schjønhaug and Eirik Slyngstad.

Graphic design by Heydays.

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