Friday, 6 September 2013


Firstly, I'm sorry that this video isn't actually embedded, it just wasn't working for me! Now, if you're into quirky, homegrown little gems, mini adventures and well, just cool little films in general, then you'll like this. The main reason I'm sharing it is because it is beautifully shot by someone I know (his name is Ben) through my cousin.

My cousin James (who is also featured in this film) and a small group of friends purposefully go up to the far reaches of the top of the UK somewhere with practically nothing; to see if they can survive a week foraging for themselves. The have a blanket each, 200g of oats each, a knife, and one "specialist tool" which will (in theory!) aide them in catching or finding a source of food.
It's 15 minutes long, it's inspiringly beautiful and it is also pretty thought provoking. They even manage to get the Coast Gaurd out at one point! This did not go down well.

Britain's Last Wilderness by Benjamin Sadd/The Trail To Anywhere.

Enjoy. x

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