Monday, 13 May 2013


Sorry for the no show of late! I've been rather busy, there have been all sorts of lovely things going on as of late. Plus, my internet was down for a week - not conducive to mass productivity, let's be honest! I hate how much this effects daily life, scary isn't it? Anyway, I'm back, so posting will resume as normal, I hope.

I've been selling lots of my art prints recently, which makes me super happy. I also have a few blog features coming up (I'll keep you posted about those), as well as ones that have happened over the past few weeks. My Watercolour Ampersand art print was featured in Fabulous Magazine (in print) and online. Which was fantastic! I've also been working on lots of new designs, which will be up in my shop over the next few days.

Probably the main reason for mass business has been because I've been spending time with all the spesh people in my life. This is always my top priority, over anything else. One of my best friends Lizzy got married the other week (pic 1 & 4), another moved into her very own new house - (pic 3). I am just so proud of all my friends right now. I've also got a holiday planned with another bestie (pic 2) and my sister, which is taking up brain space. My sister and I also recently had a big joint b'day party, on a rooftop in East London - which was awesome! I've also been spending a lot of time with the boy, I can't get enough of that...I need to get a life. haha. And I saw the most incredible rainbow at the weekend. And well, that's always lovely isn't it!

I made my BFF Lease, that Drink More Gin! print for her new home, which is actually also now available in my shop to buy, if you fancy...

Chloe x

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  1. you are the actual cutest!! can't wait to see your face! xx