Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Interview Feature with Britt @ Gallery No. Eight

So, the other day and very nice email popped into my inbox. It was from a super lovely lady called Britt  Douglas, who has a blog called Gallery No. Eight. Her message made my day - I got such a warm and friendly vibe, which is always so welcoming :)
Britt asked to do a little Q&A feature on my prints and my arty background - which of course I jumped at. For two reasons. Number one, I am all for sharing the love of design and building relationships with fellow bloggers and people who are into the same thing. And two - my "day job" involves "cold emailing" people asking for Q&A features - in a similar vein. These features are for the blog of the company I do a little social media work for...and I know how frustrating it can be when you go to the effort of contacting someone - to no avail. The worst is when people don't reply in any way, shape of form. But hey, that's life!

Anyhow, Britt was lovely to talk to, she came up with some cool Qs for me to get stuck into and put together a really lovely Q&A feature post, for which I am very grateful - so, thanks so much for getting in touch Britt!

To check out the post - click here.

Britts blog is filled to the brim with all sorts of niceties! So be sure to go check her out :)

Chloe x

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  1. ThankYOU so much Chloe!! For responding and answering my little questions and being so lovely to work with! It was my pleasure to feature your gorgeous work and I hope we can stay in touch!

    I do have another question for you haha but I'll email you tomorrow or Monday! Hope you have a lovely weekend! xo