Monday, 19 March 2012

recent things.

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1. this is what happens when Amy and Chloe go for "a quick drink".
2. sister number two and her baby animals.
3. style envy much?
4. Four days in Barcelona with my hotties is all booked! can't wait.
5. hair down for once - I got it coloured in Sydney, he did it tres nice.
6. Mummy love on Mummy's day. god I miss her.
7. blossom. everywhere. love it.
8. my new purchase. and new obsession.
9. reminiscin'!
10. Nikes and Gussy - all dressed in black.
11. a total rip off - but I felt compelled to make it. GET IT HERE.
12. a nice little design job I did the other evening.
13. new ASOS booties. like.
14. we had a Springmas. new Christmas yeah?
15. sister number one and her baby animal - JEALOUS MUCH!??
16. got a hangover? buy these for a laugh. GET IT HERE.
17. Hyde Park heron/stalk thing. what a poser maaan.
18. Debs took this pic for me. she knows I want one bad. gahhh
19. this is why London rocks.
20. have finally gone through my NY pics. a million more to go though. eesh.

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