Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Black & Gold

A few of my favourite purchases over recent times, some bought during travels some before, some after. We shopped so much, such naughty girls! We were having to send big boxes home as we were going round - due to mass case filling issues. Our box we sent back from Los Angeles got home, but the Gold Coast and the Sydney box - no where to be seen as yet...haha FUNNY. It's probably having a nice trip over on a boatie or something.
Anyway! I digress. Here are some pretty things. I'm moving house this week, so a whole load of my favourite pretty things are packed away in some storage unit somewhere...poor Mulberry bag is dying right now. I can't wait to be all settled again...I love nesting! If the boy messes up my carefully composed awesome I shall kick his bottom out. ha.

1. charcoal cross tee - $90 - by Zoe Karssen, Black Books, Melbourne, Australia.
2. Nixon Cannon watch - $300 - Amazon, New Zealand.
3. Handmade Smokey Quartz Amulet - $68 - Mary Meyer, Brooklyn, New York
4. Sidney gold capped stiletto - £40 - ASOS
5. DV Simone moto boot - $180 - Mary Meyer, Brooklyn, New York
6. Stirrup boot - £75 - ASOS
7. Gold spike chain necklace - £15 - ASOS
8. white no love lost tee - $90 - by Zoe Karssen, Black Books, Melbourne, Australia.

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  1. luv your watch! first time I see a nixon cannon on a girl... I've been thinking about getting the gunmetal version... but i'm afraid my wrists are too skinny. does it fit you okay?

  2. thanks doll! love this watch so much and love it more because it is a bit big and manly - fits fine though, had to get quite a few links taken out. xo