Friday, 12 August 2011

get out of my brain would you.

Here is a bunch of awesome shit I can't stop thinking about. I have the blouse, blazer, jeans, skull necklace and nail varnish - my current dilemma is which shoes to go for next.

However, on the plus side, these Current/Elliot 'The Skinny' (which is a lie, but whatever), are getting better and better by the day. They do the best boyfriends. (HA. not actual boyfriends, but hay, that would make life easier!) - boyfriend style jeans. Buy this style nice and small - you'll have to use your imagination and trust they will change shape. Then watch it drop and hang all boyfriendy. Love it. Sadly though, I don't think I'd ever recommend a skinny style by them, their denim doesn't lend itself to tight and figure hugging.

Anyway, back to the shoe situ. I go through shoes like no ones business. It is the uncoolest thing ever. I trash them. I try not to, but it just happens damn it! I want to be one of those people who keeps shoes forever, but mine all tend to have a lifespan of about three to four months. *sigh*
Finally found a pair of suede colour chunky heels I like, from Office - wish I could wear those all day at work without me wanting to chop my feet off at the end of the day! Also really enjoying the lumo ASOS brogues with a twist. Cool sole oui. Love unusual brogues, I still have those Kurt Geiger ones in my head that I let get away - the light grey ones with the fluro pink sole - amazing. Sold out though. Bad times.

I really should get a life and stop talking about shoes. And I wish I also had small boobs, so I can wear bra from Lonely Hearts NZ. okay.

1. Black Blazer - Marlene Birger 'Vedette' jacket £205
2. Equipment Signature silk blouse - £235
3. Current/Elliott : The Skinny in 'wishwell' - £245
4. Accessorize Tribal beaded long necklace - £16
5. Jemma Platform Boot - £135
6. ASOS PREMIUM Leather Small Vintage Bag - £60
7. Topshop gold skull necklace - £15
8. ASOS MONROE Platform Creeper/Brouge Shoe - £95
9. Lonely Hearts bra
10. Office 'all about you' moss green suede heels - £65
11. Revlon 'plum seduction' nail varnish

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