Monday, 21 February 2011

ear cuffs.

I'm not a big fan of earrings in general, mainly because I'm allergic to most. boo. But the whole cuff thing is good because it just hooks on (in most occasions) and looks that much cooler. I think more will be creeping in come summer, but here are a bunch I found on Etsy. Just type in "ear cuff" and all kinds of millions will spontaneously appear. LOVELY.

My search originated when I came across Rumi Neely with her Fashiontoast x DANNIJO Trinity Ear Cuff, available at -

Bellow are the ones available on Etsy, my favs being these two, the brushed gold bullet one - and the simple but more than effective, four banded one. (followed by some others for all tastes...)

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  1. Very good-wonderful Ear cuffs.

  2. really cool! do you think you could post the links to the specific etsy pages?