Friday, 15 October 2010


yup, so I got on it around December last year, when it was called "dip dye" or a "root blend" - and it has to be said, I loved it, very easy to maintain and all that, lovely and natural looking. When I had it done, it was done with more of a natural, subtle look, even though I told the girl to get as much contrast as she could, well, she couldn't get as much as I wanted and I couldn't be bothered to sit in there for another hour or whatever.
Anyway, now I want it again, but reaaaally contrasty - see pics bellow. I've decided I am going to try and do it myself, researched the techniques and stuff. The major hurdle will be getting any sort of colour to hold on my very white, almost silver blue toned hair, I really shouldn't be messing around with it, considering what "colour" it is at the moment, but I'm board again and want a change. I was also doing this to my friends hair at the weekend, and it made me want to do something different.

Right now my hair is two inches past shoulder length and I've NEVER had hair too much longer than that, so I'm also considering buying some clip-in hair extensions, as having boob length hair is the best way to carry this ombre look off. That way I'll just do the "ombre" colour gradient on them - much easier, and just tone down my own hair - so go an ash/medium blonde. It's gunna be a bit hit n miss! Hopefully it will work? Watch this space...

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  1. I recently tried this, but because my hair is so dry my hairdresser would only highlight the ends:( hoping next session I'll get more contrast. Did you end up getting it done? I like your blog!