Wednesday, 29 September 2010

three and a half years:

I couldn't sleep last night, so this's 3.5 years of Photo Booth-ness. I got my mac in March 2007, and here is every photo of a look/myself I've taken since then, up until now. I know it's a very self indulgent/cam whorish post - but interesting nontheless...aaaand I don't smile much in them because my teeth irritate the hell out of me. heh.

So yup, this is me from 20 to 24 and during this time, I finished my Uni degree, moved to New Zealand, lived there for two years and then moved back. A lot of hair dye was also involved. haha.

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  1. I love that grayish, blueish tone in the Sept. 2010 pictures... I wonder how that would look on a black girl.. Hmmm..

  2. THIS IS WOKID BAGS, and i agree with the editorial above or two or three, all of it, absolute wonderfuls, love your insprations xx

  3. thank you my lovelywon! love you are your wonderfullness! can't wait for our blog outing day in Nov - we are cute yes. xxx

  4. how do you get your hair from dark to light without it going ginger? ive got dark hair now and want it lighter but im not sure how to xxx