Friday, 20 August 2010



The gorgeous Miss Lease and I traipsed across London in the pooey weather to Hackney, to go to The Book Club, and very fit cafe/bar place that Lisa had heard of, but hadn't managed to go to yet. is amazing! SO worth going to! This place personified would be a kooky cute 2nd year Illustration student or a hottie drummer from an unknown band. It just oozed "I'm so cool right now" and they do the BEST salmon and cucumber sandwiches, with chips...Lease treated me to lunch, flipping rad she is. The branding and design also happens to be by one of my fav studios, Telegramme (I guessed so, as soon as I saw their menu and logo), check them out. And get your bottom to that place asap.
I also spent most of late Saturday evening wearing a top hat and drinking rosé with Amy. Epic. Basically. xo


  1. Oh I love the book club, bring on table tennis goodies. and light bulbs in the ceilings downstairs, actually epic! Loving these pics EXTREMLY cute xx

  2. i LOVE that you've beeeeen! this makes me verrry happy and Lease too, I bet.

    hehe, shouldn't you be leaving soon! good luck cutey wootie. xxx

  3. You look great love the scarf around your head!!