Sunday, 29 August 2010


A few days ago I decided to make some new colours out of two pots I had bought and later decided I didn't really like. I had this light beigey colour, which on, looks far too skin tone for my liking - I was after a more light taupe colour and decided I wasn't going to wear it anymore as it just blended into my fingers and looked a bit of a "non event". So I mixed a bit of my OPI "You don't know Jacques" (a darkish mole brown) with my light skin OPI one, called "Samoan Sand" and got this perrrfect midium taupe colour, which I adore. SO much better. I also hated a very light baby pink I had bought called "Mod about you" by OPI, it just looked a bit chav, so I mixed in a tiny bit of nail varnish remover to thin it out a little and some OPI "Dating a Royal" - a medium blue, so now I have this super sexy pastel purple, which I love a lot. The two mixed tones are shown above. OPI paint is so good for this, because it's such good quality varnish and it totally withstands being mixed, giving it a nice new lease of life, and perfect for when the goons at stores don't let you try before you buy. It's always highly annoying when you get all excited about your new nail varnish and it doesn't come out quite how you want. So I say, go make it up yourself - fun and simples!

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