Monday, 2 August 2010

how to get (and maintain) Platinum Blonde hair...and get that candy granny rinse look too...

Okay so. A few people have asked (through my other blog) how I achieved my light pink and/or lilac rinse. Obviously it's done over white blonde hair, but I'll just give a run down on what products I used and how I got the tone I am now (platinum blonde), right from the start.

I've had this hair tone for just over six weeks now, and before I went this very light bleached blonde I was a medium to light brown. This colour was party natural and also partly a previous colour. I had a root blend done a while ago (where they take your natural colour and blend it into something a lighter.) Anyway, I strongly advise the very first time you lighten you hair to go very white blonde - you GO TO THE HAIRDRESSER. it's not worth your time or the trouble doing it me, your hair will go bright ginge/yellow, or break off and fall out and it'll also come out very patchy...if you're super unlucky, all of the above will probably happen. Seriously, go pay the £40 or whatever it is, get them to do the first major colour lift and tone and then from there you can do the rest. They will get it as light as they can, by using the right strength of bleach for your hair type AND more importantly, they will take into consideration the condition and colour of the hair they're about to cover. A lot of the time bleach can not got over old colour, they may have to strip it, or depending on how old that colour is, you'll have to wait, or you'll have to go back and get another lot of bleach put over it, to take out the unlifted orange/yellow tones. They'll do a great job of covering your whole head, so you won't have horrid patchy bits, honestly save up, and get them to do the hard's worth it, I promise. Then from there its nice and easy, you can then DIY it. They'll tone it too, (so after the bleach, they'll put in a product to take out all the yellow and orange tones...very important!) and condition and treat it of course, at an extra cost, but do it! you'll regret it otherwise. Remember, this hair colour needs a lot of TLC, if you don't like the idea of that/can't be bothered with all that, then this tone probably isn't for you.

So yup as you can probably gather, I went and got it done professionally the very first time i got it lightened up from a mid brown. He bleached it, shampoed and conditioned it, put toner through twice, and put two different treatments on it (strengtheners) and cut it. IMPORTANT: Two months previous to me getting my hair bleached to death, I used a strengthening/protein building shampo and conditioner set, which I can't express to you enough, how much it improved the quality of my hair. This, in turn, also improves how well you hair takes the bleach and how it looks as a whole.

Bellow are the two products I used, Kerastase Bain de Force and Kerastase Ciment Anti-Usure not a bargin (buy online! much cheaper, just Google all these products, you'll find them instantly) - but SO worth really does work, hair is nice an strong and ready for the bleaching. Without this, your hair is more likely to snap off pretty quickly, and once the damage is done - you're buggered, i know from first hand experience! it is not pretty. (happened to me a few years ago, last time I went platinum, I didn't look after it one little bit, it broke off a lot...NOT pretty.)

So when it was done, it had lightened a lot, BUT where my old colour was underneath, it was slightly yellow still. Here is where the first magical product comes it...and something you shouldn't be bleach blonde without...for Grey or White Hair by L'Oreal Expert Silver Shampoo.

The L'oreal shampo comes out very dark purple/navy blue. This is because it counteracts the yellow tones in blonde hair, leaving you with icey cool blonde tones, or "whiter and brighter" bleached blonde. SOOOO good. The next two MUST have products are, REDKEN Extreme Anti-Snap Leave-in treatment (to stop your hair falling out/breaking off - as it will do this otherwise), and Kérastase Ciment Thermique, heat-activated reconstructor milk for weakened hair, this builds up your hair strength, as the bleach weakens it a whole load. And of course a good averagely priced leave in conditioner, I use John Frieda Sheer Blonde Hair Repair Intensive Conditioning Treatment. If you treat your bleached hair with lots of love, it will be happy, won't break off...scarecrow look = bad.

Right, to touch up my roots I use four products: BLOND ME by Schwarzkopf...Premium Performance Lightner Powder mixed with their BLOND ME Balsam Blonde Developer. Do as it says on the packs, mix it correct, use a plastic bowl and salon style colour brush, pop onto your roots ONLY...bare in mind this type of bleach expands, so leave a small gap between where your roots meet your previously bleach blonde hair, if your don't do this and pop bleach over that particular area, you become very prone to it snapping off, due to the over bleaching of that area. Also, if possible, don't go shoving it on your scalp, put it as close to to, again, it will expand to that area all by itself, applying it to your scalp can burn it, and is un-nessacery. After I've done that, to make my hair all one tone...and really really white blonde, I put in L'OREAL Professionnel LUO COLOR in PO2 mixed with L'OREAL Professionnel LUO COLOR releaser...these two products only work when used together - just follow the pack instructions. This will make your hair all one tone and very icey white blonde, very good for when you have some yellowish tones hanging around still. Give you hair a really good condition, leave it in and all that jazz...and remember to use your Redken anti-snap and Kérastase treatment ever time you wash you hair - those two go in once towel dried. You should have lovely strong, reasonably healthy, awesomely bright white blonde hair.

Now. To get those hot candy tones everyone is raping right now! like baby pink/lilac...anything My Little Pony inspired...the secret is, getting it looking like it's a rinse, granny style, nice and subtle and aaaaall you do is mix in CONDITIONER with your pink/purple/whatever colour! and taa da! comes out nice and faded, very pretty. I had lilac last weeks, I used baby pink Stargazer dye, my conditioner (the more conditioner mixed in - the lighter, more subtle the colour will be) all mixed up, with a bit of my purple L'OREAL shampo thrown in, it worked out really well. I also did it baby pink the week before, to see how it came out, scroll down a few posts, there is a pic there. It's super fun. Good luck!

Chloe x
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  1. I'm so enjoying your posts, they are awesome, little chattings, very inspiring and helpful :) <3 xxxxxxxx

  2. like my actual dissertation on bleach blonde hair?? i so glad! xxx

  3. I've been scouring the net looking for some extra tips on maintaining/caring for bleached hair and I have to say yours is the best!! I'll be buying these products this month to test them out! I've been platinum blonde for a good part of this year and I love my hair! It's a hassle taking care of it, but it's worth it :)