Thursday, 29 July 2010

rings and roses

These are my current favorite rings, especially my Stolen Girlfriends Club bow ring, which I bought back in New Zealand when I was living there.
Just before I left (which was a month ago now...) I got my tattoo done. After considering it for two years, once I completed the design after a fair amount of tweaking and playing around, I then found a tattooist in Auckland I was really happy with...this was after the two hours linework session, I then went back ten days later to get it shaded - which took five hours, I'll post a photo of that some other time, haven't taken a decent one yet.


  1. Hey Chloe! Love your blog :) just wondering where you got your tattoo done/who did the art work? The line work is beautiful, im thinking of getting some script and skulls done but its my first tat and im very nervous/fussy being an art student and all. Thanks!

  2. hey Charlie, thanks lots! well, up until about a month ago, I was living in New Zealand (I've since moved back to the UK), so i decided to get it done there, as a sort of mémoire of my time there. I did a lot of research into tattoo studios, as i'm rather a fussy bint! aha. Anyway, after considering Tattoo Magic in Melbourne, Australia (which would have been a little trip on the plane) - in my opinion there are one of the most talented studios out there, but with a rediculous waiting I settled with a lovely Auckland (New Zealand) based studio, called Sacred Tattoo on K' Road, and went with Hamish Mclauchlan (ironically, Hamish goes to Tattoo Magic to get his tatts done) a really talented guy, was so happy with it, he's a lovely dude too. I'm not sure where your based, if your from the UK, Camden in London is always a good bet. Just do shed loads of research and you can't go wrong :) xo